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StampReady Starter Kit
5 Responsive Templates + First Week Free
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What is the StampReady Starter Kit?

Get the best out of online marketing with the StampReady Starter Kit, which includes 5 responsive email templates and a 7 day trial.
With this Kit you have access to all the tools to create campaigns and send them to your subscribers.
Your subscription (up to 10,000 subscribers) can be cancelled anytime.

Send up to 10,000 subscribers p/m
First Week Free
Live Campaign Analytics
Create Campaigns Easily
Manage Subscribers
StampReady Editor
Change URL's Live
Schedule Campaigns
Export Campaigns
Send up to 100,000 emails p/m
Latest Update

Introducing Live URLS. You're able to change your URLS after you've sent your campaign.
No more broken links and no more unhappy subscribers.

  • What if I'm already on a plan?

    Great! Just log in and you can use the templates in our dashboard right away. Or download them instantly.
  • How many times can I use these templates?

    As many times you like! Just be aware that this kit grants you a 'single license', so reselling is prohibited.
  • How does the first week free works?

    You may subscribe to a plan (up to 10,000 subscribers) and the first week is completely free. You'll be billed exactly a week later, unless you cancel the plan. No hidden fees.
  • What can I do with such plan?

    Haven't you heard? We've built the smoothest email platform. With a plan, you'll be able to send to your subscribers, and a lot more.
  • What about compatibility?

    Yes, these template are also mobile responsive and compatible on all major email clients.
  • Is using StampReady free?

    A paid plan is not necessary to use our dashboard and edit campaigns. But with a trial/subscription you are able to access more features.
  • Can I edit with StampReady and export afterwards?

    That's certainly possible. Using our editor is free to use for everyone. A StampReady account is required.
  • Why do I need to give my creditcard details?

    The subscription is recurring, but the first week is completely free. You may cancel anytime. No hidden fees.