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Frequently asked questions regarding the StampReady Dashboard.

If you have trouble working in the dashboard, please visit our FAQ as it covers most of the frequently asked question. If we don't have it covered yet, please, email, or send a tweet to @StampReady and we'll be happy to have a look at it.

We built StampReady for you.

Thank you so much for choosing to use StampReady. We've grown from a two-man company to an expanding team, and we have worked an immense amount of time in order to release our Email Platform (Dashboard). The whole process has been simplified. For you. The dashboard itself is actually pretty straightforward, but if you are unfamiliar with tech related stuff, just continue to read this guide. You'll be sending campaigns within minutes.

I try to keep this documentation short, but understandable.

Register account or Login

Create a StampReady Account

We require our customers to register an account in order to start creating campaigns. To create a StampReady account, simply head over to the registration page and fill in the required information (Username, Email, Password & Terms of Agreement).

Login to account

If you have already registered a StampReady account, simply head over to the Login page and login with your email address and password. If you forgot your password, simply request a new one available right under the password field.

Import Template

Import a StampReady compatible template

Since you have bought a StampReady compatible template, we want you to import it and go right to the editing part.

When you've registered (or logged in), please head over to the New Campaign page. Do you see the Green button at the very top right corner reading Import? Great, just click it and a few more options will expand. I recommend you to choose import by file(1) as it's just easier.

Since we use the StampReady dashboard, simply pick the StampReady compatible file(2).

On the next screen you will be able to preview your template

Give your template a name!

Does the template look good? No weird images such as question marks or tiny red X's? Great! Simply hit Continue to edit(1) and give your template (campaign), a name(2).

When you're done, it's time to start editing.

If you do happen to see red crosses or question marks instead, you need to make sure you have imported the StampReady compatible file.


Build your structure

Let's start building your structure. The sidebar containing the modules should already be open. If not, simply go to Edit > Modules. Each module can be dragged to the canvas to the right. You can drag as many modules a you like, but we recommend to keep newsletters short and effective.

Save your Newsletter

Once you made an adjustment, simply click the Save 'Template Name' button at the very bottom left corner. If it's green, it can be saved. If it's grey, you already have saved the template containing the latest adjustments.

Edit Text

StampReady provides a What You See Is What You Get editor. Text can be changed instantly by simply typing in the desired area.

Change Images

Click an image and hit Change Photo. A dialog window will appear where you can choose your image file. We allow JPG, PNG and GIF images.

When you've picked your image file, the Crop Dialog will appear. However, sometimes the crop dialog won't appear. Instead the targeted image will update automatically. This is because you really don't want to crop a portion of an image asa logo or social media icon.

When the Crop Dialog does appear, simply select the canvas of the image you would like to have. Just like Twitter and Facebook does!

Change Background images

Background images can't be changed by simply clicking on them. Instead, open the Styles menu. You can find it in the sidebar. Whenever you've dragged a module containing a background in the canvas, the name of the background appears along with a Change(1) button. Just hit change, pick your desired image file and it will update automatically.

Change Font and Background colors

Color adjustments can be made within the Styles menu. You can find it in the sidebar on the left. The name of the element along with an input field will appear. Once you clicked the input field, simply change the color using the colorpicker.

Change Font sizes

Font size adjustments can be made within the Styles menu. You can find this in the sidebar on the left. The name of the element along with a slider will appear. You can either drag the slider(1), or manually type in a value in order to have it reflect in the template.

Change font styles such as links and alignment

Whenever you've selected a word of paragraph, a tooltip containing a few buttons will appear. Bold, Italic, Left Align, Center Align, Right Align and Create Link. The tooltip disappears once you clicked somewhere else, or outside the template itself.


The Fullscreen button found in the sidebar on the left simply expands the editing canvas.

Preview in Mobile

We made a fancy way to preview your current template on a mobile device. The Preview Mobile button found in the sidebar on the left simply expands the editing canvas. Note that the preview can is not 100% accurate.

Export Template

Export and keep images online

If you want to export your template and keep the images online, simply click on the Export button on the left in the sidebar. A dialog will open. Simply it a name and click the Keep Images Online. We support this feature as StampReady compatible templates require online hosted images.

Export and keep images offline

If you want to export your template and keep the images offline, simply click on the Export button on the left in the sidebar. A dialog will open. Simply give it a name and click the Include Images Folder.

Send Campaign

Creating a list that contains your subscribers.

Before we want to send a campaign, we need to create a list that holds our recipients. We suggest to embed our form on your website. This can be done by going to the Dashboard and click the plus icon that appears when you hover over the Subscribers menu link. Give it a good name, as your subscribers will see this name once they subscribe, or unsubscribe.

Embed form on your website

If you want your website visitors to be able to register to your list, simply click the Embed Form(1) button and two methods are present. If you are less tech savy, we recommend you to go for the easy method (the first one). Copy the code shown and paste it anywhere on your website. Your visitors will now be able to register to your list.

Import by CSV file

If you already have a CSV file containing recipients. Simply click the import CSV(1) button and choose the file containing your recipients. StampReady automatically deletes all fake and duplicate email addresses.

Buying Credits

Credits can be bought from the Credits and Plans page. Credits and Plans are relatively cheaper than our competitors. We use Stripe, so your data is handled securely.

Sending the campaign

When you have your list ready and you have enough credits or a valid plan, it's time to setup your campaign to send it out to the world.

To send your campaign you can either go to your Drafts(1) list and click Send, or in the Editor by going to Send Campaign(2)

On the Send page, make sure you have entered valid information. By valid I mean real email addresses. Real names and an appropriate Subject line. Think about this, the less invalid information you give, the better the inbox rate. If you use spam sensitive information it may happen your campaign will be sent to the spam box. And that's not what we want.

Once you've set up the form, it's time to actually send it. StampReady will provide a preview to see if everything you entered is correct. Once it is, simply hit Send to X recipients.


How to see your Analytics

When you've sent out a campaign, you can view the desired Analytics on the Sent Campaigns page. Or preview your latest campaigns analytics here

Once you're on the Analytics page, you'll see donuts of data. It may happen your Open and Click donut is not present. This is due no one has opened it yet, or it is still being processed. Usually this takes about 10 minutes before you see the first Open and Clicks results.


This is good. This simply means how much emails have been delivered apart from the Hard Bounces, Soft Bounces and Rejects.

Hard Bounces

These are recipients that have not received the email. This is due the email address is invalid. StampReady automatically removes this email out of your list.

Soft Bounces

A soft bounce may happen due the inbox of the recipient had a downtime, or is full. Nothing to really worry about


A reject means the recipient has enabled to not receive email longer by you.

Spam Complaints

You shouldn't be worried unless the complaints staggers. This means the recipients is unfamiliar with the addressee, or can't remember he or she have subscribed to it. Never send email to those who have not subscribed to your newsletter. This is illegal and the fines can be pretty high. Also, make sure you present the unsubscribe link clear at the bottom of your email.