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Halloween must have
Along with the producer Debra Hill, his girlfriend
Standing Witch
with Red Apple
Halloween Decor
Glowing Face
Witch Halloween
Décor Set
Forty years later, that movie — “Halloween” — continues to spawn sequels, remakes and reboots. The latest, also titled “Halloween” and opening Oct. 19, brings back Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), the sole survivor of the masked psycho Michael Myers’s initial rampage. Now a gun-toting grandma, she’s hellbent on killing the seemingly.
Dining out in France
Mr. Carpenter wrote the script
Mr. Carpenter cast Ms. Curtis, the 19-year-old daughter of Janet Leigh, star of Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal slasher film “Psycho.”
Craft Kit
And my name above the title. It was important for me to have control over my own film. He said, “Yeah, sure.” For the key role of Laurie
Glow Bracelet
It was very smart. I can’t believe nobody else had called their movie “Hallow­een” before. I told Irwin I wanted final cut
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Changing the film’s title from
Pumpkin Decorating Craft
Setting the action on the titular holiday
Christian Pumpkin
Drawstring Bags
Planning a Halloween party at your church or neighborhood?
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Halloween Beaded
Necklace craft kit
Stuff these bags full of treats and favors and hand them out at your church
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Some history
Mr. Yablans suggested changing the film’s title from
Toy-Filled Lanterns
Lantern is filled with one toy and a spider ring. Give one to each student in the class or give them out to trick-or-treaters!
Iconic Halloween
Toy-Filled Jack-O’-Lanterns. These toy-filled jack-o’-lanterns are spooktacular prizes for school parties! Each 2 1/4" plastic jack!
Slap Bracelets
Perfect for Halloween parties, candy-alternative trick-or-treater handouts or Halloween classroom celebrations!
Chest Toy Assortment
This 12" treasure chest keeps a large assortment of toys shipshape for your whole pirate crew!
Religious Halloween Bendables
From our blog
Fly into a “Happy Halloween“ with these fun puppetss
Life Size Posable Skeleton
Backdrop Halloween Décor
My mother was protecting me from being a child in the movie business. Later, I got a part on the ABC sitcom “Operation Petticoat.” I was fired, and I was devastated. Had I not been fired, I wouldn’t have been available for “Halloween.”
Orange Halloween Footballs
Haunted House Classic
As my Jewish family would say, it was bashert — meant to be. I didn’t give it a second thought that it was a horror movie, and my mom had been in a horror movie. That was pretty obvious — I wasn’t dumb.
Gumball Eyes
Halloween Ghost Pencils
But the reason I cast her is she could play this innocent, repressed girl, and she had a spark of intelligence about her. This was her first movie, so I called her after the first day of shooting. She needed that.
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Kids will play with these Halloween finger puppets for hours
5 oct 2018, 11:30 am
Magic Color
Scratch Shapes
Are easy to make and will match perfectly with your entire collection of Hallow­een decorations. Includes self-adhesive foam pieces. Are you looking for a fun addition to your craft sup­plies?
3 oct 2018, 9:30 am
Shaped Candy
Fun Packs
Are you looking for a fun addition to your craft supplies? Just in time for Halloween, kids will love these Funny Halloween Face Magnets.. Perfect to use in the classroom our out, these Halloween crafts
2 oct 2018, 8:00 am
Hard Candy
Just in time for Halloween, kids will love these Funny Halloween Face Magnets. Fly into a “Happy Halloween“ with these fun puppets! Kids will play with these Hallow­een finger puppets for hours! Perfect for Halloween
Novelty Toys
Perfect for Halloween party favors
Picture Frame
Magnet Craft Kit
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Christian Pumpkin
Picture Frame
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Trick-or-treaters love our vinyl Mini Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween
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Anita Kizil
Ivan Banan
Kory Malinka
Pumpkin Mini
Craft Kit
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Swimmers add some frightful fun to party favors
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Dressed as mummies, witches and other creepy characters
When they're done, hang up everyone's little pumpkin as great classroom decorations, and then let the students take them home to show off to all the trick-or-treaters! Includes self-adhesive foam pieces and satin cord.
Sam Poroh
seo of bambam
Create your own fun little jack-o'-lantern faces with this Christian Pumpkin Mini Lantern Craft Kit! A perfect addition to Halloween supplies and fall Sunday School crafts, these little pumpkins come with all.
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